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Martorelli Law Firm is essentially a partnership of people and our staff is our greatest asset. If the constant pursuit for excellence is our fundamental goal, it can only be achieved through the constant training of our staff. Our staff’s training, in addition to the strict academic requirements, is due to the constant demands of the market and the high-level demands to which our professionals are submitted on a daily basis in the most varied sectors and in practically all areas of Law. With each new challenge there is a new development. Count on our experience and dedication; count on our commitment and excellence.



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If you wish to be part of the Martorelli Law Firm staff, register your information with us. Your resume will be entered into our database with exclusive access to the Martorelli Law Firm and will be evaluated by our Human Resources department.

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  • Adriele Santos Rocha Sá Consumer Litigation
  • Alexandre Sá Leitão Pessoa de Queiroz General Civil Litigation
  • Alvaro Francisco Lima Silva Administrative Law
  • Andressa Thaysa Cavalcante Vieira Administrative Law
  • Bárbara Machado Figueiredo General Civil Litigation
  • Beatriz Coelho Guedes de Paiva Consumer Litigation
  • Breno de Jesus Silva Administrative Law
  • Camila Carlstrom Santos Queiroz General Civil Litigation
  • Camila dos Santos Araújo Legal Controller
  • Clara Vasconcelos Gusmão Corporate law
  • Cybelle Sousa Novaes Gominho Consumer Litigation
  • Dante de Souza Nobrega General Labor Law
  • Drielly Ferreira Lima Barbosa Consumer Litigation
  • Elis Maria Fernandes Peixoto Administrative Law
  • Fábia Ribeiro Pinheiro General Civil Litigation
  • Fernanda Luisa Gomes Teixeira General Labor Law
  • Gabriel Rufino da Silva General Civil Litigation
  • Gabriela de Arruda Falcão Mesquita General Labor Law
  • Gilberto Guedes da Silva Consumer Litigation
  • Henrique Scopel de Mendonça Consume Litigation
  • Isabel de Oliveira Conrado França Consumer Litigation
  • João Gabriel da Conceição Cordeiro Tax Law
  • Larissa da Costa Cabral Marinho e Silva Consumer Litigation
  • Lucas Queiroz Torres Consumer Litigation
  • Maria Eduarda de Amorim Souto Specialized Labor Law
  • Maria Luiza Bezerra Vasconcelos Consume Litigation
  • Maria Karolina Araújo Souza Silva Tax Law
  • Martin Ramalho de Freitas Leão Administrative Law
  • Marina Rose Mendonça Pessoa Administrative Law
  • Milena Alves Lins de Andrade General Labor Law
  • Regina Andrade Sales Farias Lessa Administrative Law
  • Suene Thifâny Pereira de Lira Legal Controller
  • Thayna Ferreira Vila Nova Administrative Law
  • Suzana Cavalcanti da Rocha Leitão Consumer Litigation
  • Thiago de Oliveira Bouwman General Civil Litigation
  • Túlio Rafael M. da Rocha Administrative Law
  • Thiago Saldanha Peregrino Administrative Law
  • Vitor da Costa Pinto Soares Tax Law


  • Aldair José da Silva Júnior Apprentice
  • Alessandra Ferreira Cândido Rocha Legal Analyst
  • Alex Pedro da Silva Santos Young Apprentice
  • Aline Machado Nunes Legal Analyst
  • Allyne Farias Fonte Silva Legal assistant
  • Ana Clara Xavier Lino de Oliveira Young Apprentice
  • André Alves Calabria Financial Manager
  • Andréa de Lima Guimarães Secretary
  • Anna Karolina dos Santos Fincancial Assistant
  • Antônia Maria Rodrigues General Helper
  • Caio José Moliterno Duarte Financial Administrative Director
  • Carlos Eduardo F. Gonçalves IT Analyst
  • Caroline Silva Oliveira Financial Assistant
  • Clóvis Vera Cruz Sales Coordinator at Legal Controllership
  • Denyson Seabra Damasceno Legal Assistant
  • Edilton Marlon Ribeiro França IT Analyst
  • Eduardo Mamedes de Souza Legal Assistant
  • Eduardo Paixão Legal Assistant
  • Elisângela Moreno da Silva Legal Assistant
  • Erick Macena de Araújo young apprentice
  • Ericleide Guedes Lima Silva Telephonist
  • Esdras Limeira de Souza Financial Supervisor
  • Fabiano Rozendo Costa Legal Assistant
  • Felipe Amendola de Souza Dias Legal Assistant
  • Gabriel Antunes Silva de Medeiros Legal Assistant
  • Gardênia Carvalho de Albuquerque Legal Assistant
  • Genilson José dos Santos General Helper
  • Giselle de Souza Freire Legal Assistant
  • Hallysse Wictória de Carvalho Monteiro Legal Assistant
  • Isabel Maria Albuquerque de Lima Legal Assistant
  • Ivelise de Carvalho Freitas Legal Assistant
  • José Kaique de Lima da Silva Fincancial Assistant
  • Lettícia Vieira Camêlo da Costa Legal Analyst
  • Libna Patrícia Tenório Secretary
  • Maíra Letícia de Amorim Executive Secretary
  • Marcela de Albuquerque Tenório Marketing Coordinator
  • Maria Canto de Lima Catering Services
  • Maria de Fátima D. S. Quintas Financial Assistant
  • Maria Elisângela Oliveira Freitas Legal Assistant
  • Maria Gabriela de Lima Ferreira Legal Analyst
  • Marly A. Guimarães Legal Assistant
  • Michele Gomes da Silva Receptionist
  • Priscylla Costa Vieira da Cunha Human Resources Analyst
  • Rafaela Aline Gaudencio Martins Administrative Assistant
  • Renata Fernandes da Silva Secretary
  • Sâmela Ligia Santos Legal Assistant
  • Sheila Maria Alves das Neves Archivist
  • Stefania Cristina dos Santos Legal Assistant
  • Tercira Dornelas Angelo da Silva Legal Analyst
  • Thaciana Maia Santos Legal Analyst
  • Thiago Cardoso Damazo Fincancial Assistant
  • Victor Rodrigo de Melo Gonçalves Human Resources Manager
  • Waleska Araújo de Souza Legal Assistant