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Jéssyca Bernardo de Omena

Jéssyca Bernardo de Omena

Administrative Law +55 82 3217-8450
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Jéssyca Omena is a lawyer with the Martorelli Law Firm, practicing ​​Consumer Litigation Law since January 2017.

Professional experience:

Jéssyca was an intern at the Public Prosecutors’ Office of the State of Bahia for two years. She worked as a lawyer for 1 year after she graduated in labor law and civil matters. She currently works in Consumer Litigation at the Martorelli Law Firm - Maceió / AL Office.

Academic education:
  • Law Degree from the Arnaldo Horácio Ferreira College;
  • Specialized in Civil Procedural Law from the Damásio de Jesus School.