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João Humberto Martorelli

João Humberto Martorelli

Founder +55 81 3464-0555
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João Humberto Martorelli is a founding partner of the Martorelli Law Firm. He has been practicing law for over 40 years. Martorelli's interest in law came from social needs - and, personally, from his desire to redress injustice. With a strong presence in social causes, the lawyer who had already become well-known in Pernambuco founded the Martorelli Law Firm in 1983. Still in the late 1980s, the firm would be the first in Pernambuco to join the Center for Lawyer Association Studies (CESA), based in São Paulo. At the same time, João Humberto Martorelli put into practice his expansion plan.  The technology in providing services, consolidated in Recife, was brought to capital cities such as Salvador, João Pessoa, Maceió, Aracaju, Goiânia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Full service, covering all areas of law, with the exception of criminal law, has become one of the company's trademarks, the first to offer such diversity in the Northeastern region. Practicing several areas of law, leading a team of over 200 professionals, with a client portfolio of over 1,500 companies, João Humberto Martorelli continues to follow the principles of the legal profession’s social purpose and the ethical practice of the profession, which has motivated him throughout his career.

Professional experience:

João Humberto Martorelli was a member of the Tax Appeals Board of the Municipality of Recife (1981) and the Judicial Prosecutor for the Recife City Hall (1981/2001), acting in the Public Prosecutor's Office (both positions, entering through civil service exam) He was also Secretary of Legal Affairs for the Municipality of Recife, between 01/01/86 to 05/02/88 and OAB Federal Councilor, Pernambuco Sectional, during the 98/2000 triennium. Former Counselor and Former President of the Common Cause. Member of the CESA - Centro de Estudos da Sociedades de Advogados (Center for Lawyer Society Studies) Board of Directors (until 2005), based in São Paulo, Vice-President of the Regional of CESA / PE. Chairperson of the AMCHAM Legislation Committee (2003) Several articles published in a biweekly column in the Jornal do Commercio (newspaper) and a privately published book, "The Safe is the Heart", gathering some of the articles.

Academic education:
  • Law Degree from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE)
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