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Pedro Becker Calheiros Correia de Melo

Pedro Becker Calheiros Correia de Melo

Administrative Law +55 82 3217-8450
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Pedro Becker Calheiros Correia de Melo is a Lawyer at Martorelli Advogados, acting as Consultant and Litigator at the Firm’s Adminstrative Law section. He works towards the defense of Federal Public Servans’ rights, with emphasis in the payment and enrollment of Federal Court-order debts.

Professional experience:

He started his career as an intern at the 14th Court of the Treasury of Maceió, associated to the Court of Justice of Alagoas. Also as an intern Pedro worked at diverses legal firms, and at the Legal Counsel of Banco do Brasil.

After graduation, Pedro worked as a Legal Conselor of The Attorney General at one of the Counties of the State of Sergipe, which he was in charge of the affairs of its County’s Public servants.

Academic education:
  • Law Degree at Centro Universitário CESMAC
  • Postgraduation degree in Tax Law at Instituto Brasileiro of Estudos Tributários (IBET)
  • Obtaining postgraduation degree LLM (Master Of Laws) in Corporate Law at Fundação Getúlio Vargas
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