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The Firm


Founded in 1983 by lawyer João Humberto Martorelli, the Martorelli Law Firm is one of the most traditional law firms in the region, recognized for its ethics, excellence and high quality standards in customer service.

Since its foundation, the Law Firm has a pioneering history and is at the forefront of the sector in the Northeastern region of Brazil. In the late 1980s, for example, Martorelli Law Firm was the first Firm in the state of Pernambuco to be part of the Lawyer Society Study Center (CESA), based in São Paulo. At this time, the Law Firm was in permanent contact with the largest law firms in Southeastern Brazil, which began to be established in the 1990s with their own management model.

The change in the firm’s organizational culture began. Martorelli Law Firm was a pioneer in Northeastern Brazil by abandoning the "boutique" format to reach the stage, and the respective complexity, of the law firms prepared to serve clients in a large scale and in the most diverse areas of law.

The new phase was accompanied by a rigorous expansion plan. The technology in client service, consolidated in Recife, was taken to other capital cities such as Salvador, João Pessoa, Maceió and São Paulo. Full service, covering all areas of law, with the exception of criminal law, has become one of the company's trademarks, the first to offer such diversity in the Northeast.

The implemented service permitted a multidisciplinary look regarding each legal issue. Every week, professionals from different specialties held meetings to analyze the cases that came in, understanding the main specificities of the cases presented. Our ability to respond also became a unique feature.

But in recent years, the company, associated with other Law Firms, also maintains a presence abroad. These associations seek to explore investment opportunities for Brazilian entrepreneurs, especially in the Northeast, and in the European and North American markets. Global performance, involving the sponsorship of cases in countries in other continents, are now part of the group of activities carried out by Martorelli Law Firm, which defends the interest of its clients whenever and wherever legal intervention is deemed necessary.

Even with the growth achieved, the social principles and the ethical practice of the legal profession, which have motivated pro bono cases over the years, remain alive in the daily routine of the Law Firm and are thus passed down from one generation to the next, inside the Martorelli Law Firm.